bonus bo‧nus [ˈbəʊnəs ǁ ˈboʊ-] noun [countable]
1. HUMAN RESOURCES an extra amount of money added to an employee's wages, usually as a reward for doing difficult or good work:

• The bonus is discretionary but linked to performance.

• The car company is offering its workforce a £3,000 cash bonus to take voluntary redundancy.

acˈceptance ˌbonus HUMAN RESOURCES
a bonus paid to someone who agrees to join a company, or to an employee who agrees to do a difficult task:

• The firm pays a $3000 acceptance bonus and a $2000 moving allowance.

atˈtendance ˌbonus HUMAN RESOURCES
a bonus paid to employees who come to work regularly and do not miss work because of illness or other reasons:

• Attendance bonus payments are made twice yearly for individuals with a 100% attendance record.

ˈloyalty ˌbonus HUMAN RESOURCES
a sum of money that someone is paid as a reward for being a regular customer or for continuing to work for someone:

• Payments might include a loyalty bonus for those who stay for the full period.

perˈformance bonus also ˈmerit ˌbonus HUMAN RESOURCES
a bonus paid to a manager for increasing sales or profits, saving money, etc:

• Our managers are offered a salary plus a small performance bonus for achieving monthly targets.

ˌproducˈtivity ˌbonus HUMAN RESOURCES
an extra payment to workers for producing more of something than normal:

• We now operate factory-wide productivity bonus and payment-by-results schemes.

2. also ˈcapital ˌbonus INSURANCE an extra payment from a life insurance company's profits to people who have certain types of life insurance:

• On with-profits policies, bonuses are maintained at 6%.

ˈterminal ˌbonus INSURANCE
in Britain, an extra payment made at the end of some types of life insurance contract:

• There is no chance of an endowment mortgage paying off the mortgage early. A large part of the policy's value is often added on the last day as a terminal bonus.

3. INSURANCE a reduction in the cost of insurance when no claims are made during a particular period of time:

• If you make a claim in any period of insurance, any no-claim bonus which you have earned may be reduced at your next renewal.

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bonus UK US /ˈbəʊnəs/ noun [C] (plural bonuses)
WORKPLACE an amount of money given to an employee in addition to their salary as a reward for working well: a bonus of €1000/£500, etc. »

She received a bonus of $15,065, equal to 40% of her salary.

earn/get/receive a bonus »

Teachers can earn an annual bonus of $1,026 if they meet the goals.

pay (sb) a bonus »

Bank bosses are still being paid huge bonuses.


a Christmas bonus


a bonus award/payment/scheme

FINANCE an amount of money or shares given by a company to its shareholders: »

Investors are set to receive a bonus of at least £1.50 a share.

INSURANCE a payment made to the customers of an insurance company out of its profits: »

Annual bonus rates on some life policies have fallen recently.

See also ACCEPTANCE BONUS(Cf. ↑acceptance bonus), ATTENDANCE BONUS(Cf. ↑attendance bonus), CAPITAL BONUS(Cf. ↑capital bonus), LOYALTY BONUS(Cf. ↑loyalty bonus), PERFORMANCE BONUS(Cf. ↑performance bonus), PRODUCTIVITY BONUS(Cf. ↑productivity bonus), RETENTION BONUS(Cf. ↑retention bonus), SIGNING BONUS(Cf. ↑signing bonus), TERMINAL BONUS(Cf. ↑terminal bonus)

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